Solutions for a Safer World

The HENSOLDT Security Solutions team design, develop and implement flexible, configurable, integrated radar based solutions for a wide variety of demanding applications. Agility and responsiveness are their watchwords.

Bespoke systems draw from the comprehensive HENSOLDT product portfolio, offering state of the art electro-optical technologies. Technologies range from radar to RF direction finding, friend and foe detection, object tracking and identification, to drone detection & effectors, all managed by a highly a flexible, innovative C2 system, with powerful integration capabilities.

Entry-level systems built around one or more Kelvin Hughes radar, utilising SharpEye™ Doppler technology, are ideally suited to the innovative single mast solution.

Larger scale installations, often designed around the Spexer radar family, offer longer ranges. The Spexer 2000 Pulse-Doppler Radar, based on AESA technology, is ideally suited to border security applications for instance.

Whether the requirement is for static or mobile security, wide area monitoring or perimeter surveillance systems, the team can design a system to safeguard almost every asset from most threats, even in remote and difficult to access locations.