SharpEye™  radar technology meets the detection challenges of navies, coastguards and border agencies through a clever combination of radar techniques designed to provide the best performance in all conditions, whilst also providing the flexibility to be optimised for specific detection needs.


Customisable waveforms can be configured for specific threats and to track specific targets such as UAVs, drones and helicopters. SharpEye™ is a truly multipurpose naval radar transceiver:

  • Navigation
  • Surface search
  • Helicopter control and recovery (no need for helicopter transponders, even over land)
  • Camera slew to cue
  • Bi-directional links to combat management system
  • Uniform range resolution at all ranges so that multiple users on different range scales all see the optimum picture


Kelvin Hughes has been designing, manufacturing and supplying navigation radars since the 1940s and, as well as being the supplier of naval radar to 30 of the world's navies, has thousands of radar and integrated bridge systems installed on cargo ships, cruise ships, fast ferries, and offshore support vessels.