SharpEye™ radars are designed to meet the operational challenges of navies, coastguards and border agencies around the world. An innovative combination of radar technologies offers state of the art performance against small targets,  even in the most challenging conditions, whilst providing the flexibility to be customised to meet specific detection requirements.

HENSOLDT UK’s Kelvin Hughes Mk 11 S-Band, Mk 11 X-Band and Mk5 X-Band SharpEye radars utilise this innovative technology, supporting navigation, surface search, helicopter control and recovery, and bi-directional links to combat management systems. Ships Navigators’  have access to uniform range resolutions across the instrumented range of the radar, with the data being available on a network of displays, meaning they each see the optimum picture. This improves communication and situational awareness, reducing the risk of errors.

The Kelvin Hughes Mk5 X-Band SharpEye is specifically designed for small craft operating conditions. These include maritime border protection, search and rescue, anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, illegal fishery activities and immigration enforcement. As with the larger SharpEye radars,  the Mk5 X-Band offers doppler processing, small target detection and range discrimination achieved via a patented pulse transmission. The Kelvin Hughes Navigation display offers naval tactical features, as well as the standard IMO navigation functions.

All SharpEye radars are digital, providing radar video and control via gigabit LAN with full BITE and status reporting.