Marking another milestone in the evolution of its iconic display family, Kelvin Hughes has developed its next-generation Integrated Navigation System (INS) designed for all types of vessels up to and including the largest state-of-the-art cruise ships.

The Kelvin Hughes INS offers a market leading user interface, for ease of operation and maintenance with full integration to all existing navigation equipment and sensors. The INS has been designed according to IMO performance standard MSC.252(83) and IEC test standard 61924-2.

Kelvin Hughes Multifunction Displays (MFD’s) provide configurable access to all tasks critical to navigation - Radar, ECDIS, Conning Displays, Bridge Alarm Management and a host of other information, while maintaining the ability to view external systems - all from a central user-focused MFD console.


  • CCTV / thermal cameras
  • Machinery control and automation systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Vessel optimization display
  •  Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS)
  • Ship stability system
  • DP (Dynamic Positioning) System


All external applications are connected via secure gateways, meaning the failure of external equipment cannot spread across the critical navigation network. Kelvin Hughes MFD’s use of space saving, minimalistic design, which reduces the installation cost to operators, provides exceptional reliability, and allows for simple retrofit solutions to be offered to all vessel types.

Through the integration of ECDIS and Autopilot Kelvin Hughes offers a unique Track Control function which features automatic steering along a set of waypoints. This enables the vessel to maintain the plotted path automatically, at all times, with minimum intervention from the navigator. The operator is also alerted to navigational warnings and potential hazards before the vessel is at risk.