Warning lights for wind farms and other very tall structures need to be triggered only as required to satisfy the demands of dark sky legislation and to conserve energy.

Doppler radar reliably detects aircraft and activates these warning light systems, even in response to small airborne targets like microlights.

Doppler processing of radar returns provides coherent information about a target's velocity and enables the detection of very small and slow moving objects and targets with a low Radar Cross Section (RCS). Also, through a series of electronic filters, it is able to distinguish between the target and sea, rain and land clutter.

Moving Target Detection (MTD), provides enhanced clutter suppression at the Doppler processing stage and pulse compression of the return signal enabling a low transmit power providing efficient use of the radar. Other Doppler radars may employ less advanced techniques such as Moving Target Indication (MTI), which does not take full advantage of the radial velocity information.

Kelvin Hughes works with expert partners specializing in aircraft warning lights for wind farms and wind turbines.