SharpEyeTM Technology

Kelvin Hughes SharpEyeTM radars detect the smallest of targets in severe weather on land and at sea, earlier, and at longer ranges than conventional magnetron based radar.

Launched in 2006, more than 30 navies and coastguards now use SharpEye™ radars, which deliver improvements in sub-clutter visibility, enabling detection of targets with a low RCS (Radar Cross Section) , even in heavy rain and high sea states. Doppler processing removes clutter without picture degradation, providing an unprecedented level of situational awareness to naval and coastguard vessels.

This gives class-leading performance in clutter, with a reduced probability of intercept.  The Type Approved multifunction sensor has been designed to meet MIL-STDs. With no magnetron, routine maintenance and through life costs are minimal. The sensor can be configured for specific threats and to track specific targets such as UAVs, drones and helicopters.

Due to the simple design, training requirements are minimal.

Carbon Fibre Turning Unit & Housing

Kelvin Hughes has redefined the method of deployment of a naval radar transceiver and antenna through an innovative carbon fibre housing and turning unit.

With a direct drive motor, the need for a gearbox is eliminated, reducing the maintenance requirements through the life of the unit.

The result of this innovative approach is a SharpEye™ radar system with minimal maintenance and high reliability. Mounting the transceiver in the turning unit brings performance benefits and a reduced installation cost.


Antenna Systems

The systems’ antennas utilise a patented low profile design with 2.5m (I-Band/X-Band) and 3.9m (E/F-Band/S-Band) horizontally polarized slotted waveguide open arrays.


Naval Tactical Radar Display

Compliant with the latest IMO radar performance standards and complete with tactical functionality, Enhanced Target Detection (ETD) mode, twin PPI (Plan Position Indicator) and an intuitive HMI, the Kelvin Hughes naval tactical radar display brings the processing advantages of the SharpEye™ radar transceiver to life.

The LED widescreen display is available in 24" and 26" with console, desktop and pedestal mounting options.

The integrated radar display as part of a fully redundant networked system, is Type Approved (MSC192/79 / IEC 62388 ED2) and provides enhanced collision avoidance and situational awareness features such as ARPA, Chart Radar, dual PPI (Plan Position Indicator), collision warning, and Enhanced Target Detection (ETD) mode.

The intuitive software is easy to operate with a tracker ball and keyboard. On screen prompts assist the user, providing a multifunction display, enabling the sharing of information across workstations.

Naval software with tactical functionality provides the operator with enhanced naval functions supporting:

  • Manual Rate Aided Tracks facility (MRATS) and synthetic target generation
  • Operator track labeling and target identification (Friend, Foe, Neutral, Unknown)
  • Sector transmission / single scan
  • Sector screens
  • ESM bearings
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • NAVPLANS / Blind pilotage
  • Helo approach path


Integrated Bridge Systems

With SharpEye™ at the core of its offering, Kelvin Hughes has a long history and proven capability to design and deliver innovative Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS).  This capability has been adapted for the warship, providing state of the art bridge systems for naval vessels.


 Advanced Tracker Technology

As an option, the SharpEye™ naval radar system can be supplied with an integrated agile tracker to provide reliable target tracking performance against fast, highly maneuverable surface and air targets.